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  • SynPhase Lanterns: Functionalized substrates

    SynPhase Lanterns are available with a variety of preformed functionalities and linkers, enabling you to access a wide range of templates and chemistries. Alternatively you can add your own proprietary linker, or Mimotopes can perform custom linker attachment to meet your specific requirements. The same advantages that apply to solid phase synthesis also make SynPhase Lanterns the ideal medium for scavenging applications in solution phase chemistry.

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  • Tagging Systems and Strategies

    Keeping track of compounds during library synthesis requires a reliable and efficient tagging system, particularly when large numbers are involved. The modular design of SynPhase Lanterns is fully realized in this regard, with several tagging approaches available to cater for different styles and budgets. The primary tagging methodologies include: * Radio Frequency Tagging * Color Coded Tagging * Multipin Array Tagging

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