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Peptide Literature

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Promotional Brochures
Applications and Methods
User Notes

The following literature relates to Mimotopes' custom peptides, peptide libraries and antipeptide antibodies and is organised into three categories:

  • Promotional brochures: Overviews describing Mimotopes' principal products and services
  • Applications and Methods: Technical information on the various peptide applications
  • User Notes: Practical guidelines for using Mimotopes' peptide products


Promotional Brochures

Item Code Title
PB1001 PepSets Peptide Libraries
The rapid and cost effective screening solution for immunology and drug discovery
PB1002 Custom Peptides
Quality peptides with labels and modifications designed and made to precision
PB1003 PepSets for Drug Discovery
Peptide Libraries are an invaluable tool for SAR and protein interaction studies


Applications and Methods

Item Code Title
PP001 PepSets-REPLi
A library of FRET tripeptides that accelerates protease drug development
PT1004 Truncated Peptide Libraries for Cytotoxic T-cell Epitope Mapping
A novel strategy using CTL PepSets to identify the peptides recognized by T-cells
PT1005 Biotinylated PepSets
Utilizes biotin-avadin binding to rapidly scan protein sequences for bioactive sites
PT1006 FRET PepSets
Used to investigate protein interactions such as those involving proteases
PT2009 Overcoming Peptide Problems by Design
Options to overcome difficulties in synthesis and solubility
PT2010 A Guide to Handling and Storing Peptides
Strategies for storing and dissolving peptides both individually and in sets.
PT2011 Antipeptide Antibodies: Immunological Methods and Protocols
Understanding and working with Antipeptide Antibodies from Mimotopes
PT3013 ELISA Method Using Biotinylated Peptides
Procedure for immobilizing biotinylated peptides on solid-phase for immunoassay
PT3014 Mapping Antibody Defined Linear Epitopes
Sequential epitopes defined by T-cells and antibodies are rapidly detected using libraries of overlapping peptides
PT3015 Using Antigen Competition to Identify Sequential (Linear) Epitopes
Identify sequential epitopes by showing that antigen in solution can block the binding of antibody to solid-phase bound-peptide


User Notes

Item Code Title
PU3001 Interpreting the Results of Peptide Analysis
PU3002 General Guidelines for Cleaved PepSets
PU3003 Test Procedure for Control Antibody and Positive and Negative Test Peptides
PU3004 A Guide to Handling and Storing Peptides
PU3005 Assays of Biotinylated Peptides
PU3006 Experimental Procedures: Elisa Testing
PU3007 Guidelines for Handling Cleaved PepSets™


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