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Discontinuous B-cell epitope mapping

CLIPS bound epitopes detect discontinuous epitopes
Discontinuous epitopes are constrained by a scaffold to resemble the native protein

Together with our partner, PepScan Systems, Mimotopes offers discontinuous epitope mapping using CLIPS™ (Chemically linked Peptides on Scaffolds) technology, which has been developed to improve the biological function of synthetic peptides. CLIPS uses small, chemical “scaffolds” onto which one or more peptides can be attached. In vaccine development, these molecules are ideal for mapping conformational (or ‘discontinuous’) epitopes because they closely resemble the native structure of proteins.

  • Peptides are organised on a scaffold to form a spacially defined molecule
  • Constrained peptide scaffolds resemble the native protein domain much better than linear peptides
  • CLIPS™ Peptides can reconstruct complex interaction sites on protein targets
  • Proven as excellent immunogens in vaccines or for identification of monoclonals against difficult targets
  • Map G-protein coupled receptors for extracellular CLIPS™ binding constructs
  • 95% success rate in identifying discontinuous epitopes

Mimotopes, a world leader in epitope mapping technology is now the exclusive agent for PepScan Systems CLIPS™ technology



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