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Lanterns for Solution-Phase Applications

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The following linkers have been optimized on high loading Polystyrene SynPhase Lanterns for Scavenging or Catch and Release applications.

Chemistry applications: Scavenges acid chlorides, sulfonyl chlorides, isocyanates and other electrophiles.
Stored as the TFA salt.
PolymerTypes: (PS) Polystyrene

Chemistry applications: Scavenges various nucleophiles including amines, hydrazines and carbon-based nucleophiles such as phenylmagnesium halides.
PolymerTypes: (PS) Polystyrene

N-methylmorpholino SynPhase scavenger Lanterns
Chemistry applications: Hydroxymethylated Lanterns, along with the amine and chloromethyl counterparts, provide the initial handle for solid phase synthesis. All three are ideal for solid phase immobilization of carboxylic acids. The hydroxymethyl handle can be used to anchor both sulfonylate-based and acrylatebased REM linker to the solid support.
Product: Carboxylic acids/esters or tertiary amines
PolymerTypes: (PS) Polystyrene

o-Nitrophenol SynPhase scavenger Lanterns
Chemistry applications: Non-functionalized Lanterns allow for derivatization with a range of Linkers. Non-functionalized Lanterns are supplied in Fmoc protected form and require Fmoc deprotection with piperidine prior to use..
PolymerTypes: (PS) Polystyrene

Sulphonic Acid

Sulphonic acide SynPhase scavenger Lanterns
Chemistry applications: Scavenges primary, secondary and tertiary amines by
quarternary salt formation.
PolymerTypes: (PS) Polystyrene

TMI Isocyanate

TMI isocyanate SynPhase scavenger Lanterns
Chemistry applications: Scavenges primary and secondary amines but does not scavenge anilinic type aromatic amines.
PolymerTypes: (PS) Polystyrene

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