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Combinatorial Chemistry Literature

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Technical Notes
Application Notes
Chemistry Notes

The technical literature on SynPhase Lanterns and systems is organised into three categories:

  • Technical Notes: Methods, procedures and useful information regarding the use of SynPhase Lanterns
  • Applications Notes: Specific laboratory examples where SynPhase Lanterns were employed
  • Chemistry Notes: Validation of the chemistry performed on various types of SynPhase Lanterns


Technical Notes

Article Code Title
STN001 SynPhase Frequently Asked Questions
Contains a compilation of some the more commonly asked questions about SynPhase Lanterns
STN002 Peptide Synthesis Protocol on PA Lanterns
Outlines procedures for peptide synthesis on the SynPhase polyamide grafted surface
STN003 Solid-Phase Synthesis of Benzimidazoles
A comparative study on A-, D- and L-series SynPhase Lanterns


Application Notes

Article Code Title
SAN001 Soli-Phase Sonogashira Reactions on Mimotopes' Solid-Phase Grafted Supports using the Argonaut Quest 210 Synthesizer
SAN002 Automated Fmoc-Peptide Synthesis:
Use of SynPhase PA Lanterns and PS-resin in an ACT 496 Multiple Synthesizer


Chemistry Notes

Article Code Title
SCN001 Reduction of aryl nitro on Rink Amide SynPhase Lanterns
SCN002 Acylation of amine with aryl isocyanate on Rink Amide SynPhase Lanterns
SCN003 Acylation of benzyl with an alpha AA on Hydroxymethylphenoxy SynPhase Lanterns
SCN004 Conversion of AA to bicyclic pyrolidine on Hydroxymethylphenoxy SynPhase Lanterns
SCN005 Phenol attachment to Hydroxymethylphenoxy SynPhase Lanterns via trichloroacetimidate
SCN006 Bicyclic pyrrolidine via 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition on Hydroxymethylphenoxy SynPhase Lanterns
SCN007 Preparation of Secondary Carboxamides on Backbone Amide SynPhase Lanterns
SCN008 Prepation of dibenz[b,f]-oxazepin-11(10H)ones on Backbone Amide SynPhase Lanterns
SCN009 Attachment of phenol on Tityl Alcohol SynPhase Lanterns
SCN010 Prep’n of isoxazoles or isoxazolines on Tityl Alcohol SynPhase Lanterns
SCN011 Prep’n of 1,4-benzodiazepines on Hydroxymethylphenoxy SynPhase Lanterns
SCN012 Prep’n of isoxazoles or isoxazolines on Trityl Alcohol
SCN013 Suzuki coupling on 1,4-benzodiazepine on Hydroxymethylphenoxy SynPhase Lanterns
SCN014 Aromatic Substitution Reaction of an Activated Aryl Fluoride with a Primary Amine
SCN015 Synthesis of 1,4-Benzimidazole from o-Nitroaniline
SCN016 Preparation of Tertiary Amines via Acrylate based REM Linker on SynPhase Hydroxymethyl Lanterns
SCN017 Use of Mimotopes o-Nitrophenol, Sulphonic Acid and N-Methyl Morpholine SynPhase Scavenger Lanterns


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