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T-cell Truncated

T-cell Truncated

Truncated peptide libraries allow the testing of all possible T-cell epitopes (ie. all 8 to 11-mers) across a protein of interest. In each tube, we provide equimolar mixtures of the four C-terminal peptides for each nominal 11-mer. After screening, positive tubes can be deconvoluted for precise epitope identification.


Special Instructions

For T-cell epitope mapping, a length of 11 should be defined. This will generate equimolar sets, each containing homologous 11-, 10-, 9- and 8-mer peptides. For alternate mapping strategies, other lengths may also be defined using this tool. Eg. If a length of 15 is defined, then sets containing every 15-, 14-, 13- and 12-mer will be generated.

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