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Our Background

Mimotopes Pty Ltd is an industry leader in the peptide and discovery chemistry sector. Mimotopes develops, markets and distributes sophisticated biochemical products and services for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Established in Melbourne, Australia in 1988 Mimotopes has a global customer base with sales offices and distribution channels in the US, UK, Europe, Japan and India. Mimotopes uses proprietary technologies in solid phase synthesis, molecule scavenging applications and biomolecular capture and immobilisation. Coupled with the extensive experience and expertise of its staff, Mimotopes has become one of the global leaders in its field. Mimotopes was spun out from the highly respected research organisation Commonwealth Serum Laboratories ("CSL") in 1989. It commenced operations with 40 scientists in a purpose-built 42 fume-hood laboratory facility in Clayton Victoria. As a vehicle in the development of enabling technology for drug discovery and new synthetic vaccines, Mimotopes focused on its core expertise in peptide synthesis and the manufacturing of its patented SynPhaseTM solid phase synthesis modules.


Notable Achievements

Mimotopes is recognized as one of the first combinatorial chemistry companies formed. The pioneering work of Professor Mario Geysen enabled the parallel synthesis of peptides and subsequently small molecules to become mainstream. Mimotopes’ expertise in polymer chemistry has enabled it to launch the most respected and advanced solid phase synthesis platforms for solid phase synthesis of drug-like molecules (SynPhaseTM Lanterns). Mimotopes is the preeminent epitope mapping company covering all forms of B- and T-cell epitope mapping for drug discovery and vaccine research making important contributions in developing diagnostics (e.g. HCV) and vaccine candidates (e.g. HIV, influenza).



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