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Skills and Experience

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Chemistry Experience
Analysis and Purification
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When outsourcing any developmental work, it's essential that your partner has the credentials necessary to carry out the challenge. Throughout our collaborative history, Mimotopes has accumulated a wealth of scientific know-how and developed a state of the art Analysis and Purification platform required to achieve reliable results.

X-ray structure of 4

Chemistry Experience

Mimotopes has the chemistry capabilities to solve the synthetic challenges encountered in a drug discovery project. Over the 15+ years, Mimotopes has developed a broad chemistry skill base including:

  • High throughput solid phase synthesis
  • High throughput solution phase synthesis using solid supported reagents
  • Syntheses scaling from 1mg to 10's of grams - ideal for discovery, optimization and early stage preclinical testing
  • Traditional style synthesis of single compounds through multiple steps
  • A wide variety of heterocycle, aromatic and polycyclic compounds as well as peptides, and peptidomimetics
  • Chiral synthesis. Compounds such as 1 - 4 have been prepared utilizing a variety of approaches including Jacobson's catalyst, chiral hydrogenation and Evan's Auxiliary (Published in: Molecules 2004, 9, 405-426, 449-458


All results are backed up with stringent analysis and provided electronically

Analysis and Purification

Mimotopes strong synthetic capabilities are supported by a world class analytical and purification platform.

  • Purification utilizing MPLC and HPLC, including mass or UV directed preparative LC/MS
  • Key analytical equipment available includes 400 MHz multiprobe Varian Inova NMR spectrometer with autosampler
  • Multiple Perkin Elmer/Sciex LC/MS instruments
  • Multiple Waters Alliance HPLC instruments
  • Perkin Elmer FT-IR spectrophotometer
  • Perkin Elmer polarimeter
  • Cary UV-Vis spectrophotometer

All compounds prepared by Mimotopes Discovery Chemistry are provided with a detailed report on all key data including an accurate summary for your convenience. Analytical data is customized for every client and can be provided in hard copy format, a variety of electronic formats or integrated with structures in sd file or database format.

Numerous companies have utilized Mimotopes' strong chemistry skills to advance their own programs. See a selection of Mimotopes Discovery Chemistry past and present customers.

For more information on how Mimotopes can fulfil your chemistry needs contact us at

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