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Library Design and Production

Peptide libraries being synthesized by robot
Peptide libraries being synthesized by robot
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As one of the founding companies in combinatorial chemistry, Mimotopes has the proven experience to rapidly develop and produce your libraries for hit finding, hit to lead transition and lead optimization.

Mimotopes can custom synthesize your library utilizing our state of the art laboratories.

  • Peptides, peptidomimetics or small molecules, including heterocycles
  • Solid phase or solution phase synthesis
  • Target mass of 1-20mg
  • Target purity up to 95% - purification via preparative LC / MS
  • Analysis via HPLC and/or LC/MS with the option of 1H and/or 13C NMR on key compounds

Mimotopes has developed a library production process designed to deliver your libraries to the standards your projects require. Critical throughout this process is close interaction with the client to ensure the final library meets your needs.

Key stages of the Library Production Process

Using TranSort to create combinatorial libraries
Computer-assisted library generation
Purity profile of small molecule SAR library
Purity profile of small molecule SAR library. Expand

Library Design

Mimotopes shall work closely with the client to design the library optimized for the required parameters such as diversity or similarity, and drug-likeness. We shall also apply our experience to ensure the library design is practical and cost effective for your needs.

Library Optimization

Mimotopes shall explore the library chemistry and develop an efficient route for production. Our experience in both solid phase and solution phase chemistry ensures the most suitable route for your requirements is selected.

Monomer Scan

To ensure a high quality final library, prior to production it is important to test all planned monomers in the synthesis using the optimized conditions. Mimotopes will consult with the client on final selection of monomers for inclusion in the library based on both the library design and this monomer scan

Library Production

In our purpose built laboratories, Mimotopes shall produce the library utilizing the optimized library conditions and the monomers selected after the monomer scan.

Library Analysis and Purification

Compounds will be analyzed using HPLC, or LC/MS. If required, libraries can be purified utilizing our high throughput preparative LC/MS systems.
Mimotopes has successfully applied this process to produce quality libraries for numerous biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. See a selection of Mimotopes Discovery Chemistry past and present customers.For more information on how Mimotopes can fulfil your library needs contact us at

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