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Handling Techniques

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Washing and filtration
Strategies for synthesis
Storage requirements
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SynPhase™ technology is enormously adaptable to a range of applications, from reaction optimizations to large scale library generation. The unique advantages of these modular supports are fully exploited with supporting equipment and techniques.

Unlike conventional resins, no special equipment is required for use with SynPhase Lanterns. Ordinary procedures may be carried out in glassware such as Shott bottles and filter funnels.

SynPhase Lanterns were designed with compatibility in mind, having been successfully integrated with a variety of robotic sorters, microwave chemistry and high temperature reaction equipment.


Easy transfer of Lanterns between containers
With fingers or tweezers you can easily transfer individual compounds on Lanterns between flasks


With SynPhase Lanterns there is no need to weigh out quantities of particulate resin. If you are setting up 20 reactions, simply pick up 20 Lanterns! Transfers are 100% quantitative! No more loss of resin stuck to the glassware.


Washing and Filtration

For any solid phase synthesis, washes are important since they are the only steps to ensure that the target compounds are "purified" from unreacted species and other contaminants. With SynPhase™ products, washing is incredibly simple!

The SynPhase surface's open polymer matrix favors easy removal of unreacted reagents and solution phase by-products with no agitation required. Whether used in the Multipin format or grouped in reaction vessels, the ease of washing SynPhase Lanterns is one the most appreciated advantages over resin. A range of simple setups can be used (see pictures), but nightmares due to resin sticking, blocked filters and problems with vacuum systems have disappeared!

Draining liquid through a perforate cap Washing Lanterns on a Stemholder in Parallel Using suction for easy solvent removal
Draining liquid through a
perforated cap
Washing Lanterns on a
Stemholder in Parallel
Using suction for easy
solvent removal


Reactions take place on the surface of SynPhase products, hence agitation is not required to accelerate diffusion or to increase reaction rates. However, gentle agitation may be desired on occassion when costly reagents are used, by use of a shaking table or rotating bottles. In this case, there is no need to fully cover Lanterns (volumes can be cut but one must remember that a sufficient number of equivalents must be used). By a wicking effect, reagents will diffuse throughout the surface.
Magnetic stirring is not recommended as it may damage the grafted polymer.


Strategies for Synthesis

Diverse strategies in library synthesis are catered for at any scale. Multipin Array Synthesis employs the common 8x12 microtitre format to manipulate groups of Lanterns up to 96 at once. Split and Pool techniques are well supported too. Colour coded tags are ideal for tracking compounds in small libraries or reaction optimizations, while radio frequency transponders can be used to orchestrate complex syntheses.

As SynPhase Lanterns are typically handled in large numbers, a suite of precision made tools can assist the researcher during assembly and tagging steps. Mimotopes have organized these into packages to suit your particular synthesis methodology.


Storage Requirements

There are no special requirements for short-term storage. SynPhase Lanterns can be kept in their original vacuum sealed ziplock bag. However, for prolonged storage, we recommend that SynPhase Lanterns be kept cool and dry at 8°C. The storage container must always be kept tightly closed when cold and must be allowed to reach room temperature before opening to prevent condensation. SynPhase Lanterns should only be used with dried solvents in dry glassware and apparatus. Avoid rough handling or abrasion of the dry Lanterns.

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