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The Directed Sort - RF (Radio frequency) tagging method

Sorting of RF tagged SynPhase Lanterns
Sorting of RF tagged SynPhase Lanterns using TranSort

Attaching an RF transponder to individual SynPhase Lanterns lets you easily sort and read your compounds’ identity at any time. The effort of orchestrating large and complex syntheses is greatly minimized under the guidance of computer software, as it directs the sorting of Lanterns through every stage.

Tagging of SynPhase Lanterns is accomplished using TranStems; small detachable rods encapsulating the transponder. TranStems are reusable and attach to all sizes of SynPhase Lantern (A-, D- and L-series) in identical fashion to Stems used with the Multipin Array Technique.

SynPhase Lantern attached to TranStem
SynPhase Lantern attached to TranStem

Alternatively, transponders can be incorporated inside the cavity of A- or D- series Lanterns, enabling smaller reaction volumes to be used. However, this method is not compatible with the SynPhase Assembly tools for expedient cleavage in the multipin array format.


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