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Peptides for Discovery Research

  • Custom Peptides Overview

    An overview of Mimotopes' synthesis, quality process and value-added services, tailored to your needs.

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  • Labels and Modifications

    This page provides background on some of the more common peptide modifications that Mimotopes offers. Many of these can apply to PepSets Peptide Libraries as well as individual custom peptides.

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  • Purity, Quality and Design

    Mimotopes’ peptides are made using the latest technology and advanced solid phase techniques.

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  • How much peptide do you need?

    This article is intended to help you estimate your requirements and determine the feasibility of using peptides in your experiments.

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  • Overcoming Peptide Problems by Design

    Peptides are complex molecules and each sequence is unique with regard to its chemical and physical properties. While some peptides are difficult to synthesize, many peptides are relatively straightforward to synthesize but may still be difficult to purify after synthesis.

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