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PepSets - Peptide Libraries

Intelligently designed screening experiments for immunology and drug discovery applications.

  • PepSets Overview

    Rapid and Economical Screening of Peptide Analogs and Epitopes

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  • R&D Applications

    Some of the most common uses of PepSets, organized by scientific discipline

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  • Features and Benefits

    The cost of manufacturing and hence purchasing PepSets is kept down thanks in part to Mimotopes’ unique proprietary solid-phase technology and also to their simultaneous synthesis in an unpurified, 96-well array format which is ideal for screening purposes.

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  • Synthesis Formats

    PepSets are more than just a set of custom peptides. Each peptide is a piece in the puzzle you are trying to solve. Creating sets of them simultaneously ensures entire experiments can be manufactured very quickly and affordably.

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  • What Are PepSets

    Peptide libraries are a powerful tool in biological research for screening large numbers of peptides in the search for the few, critical bioactive peptides.

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