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Kinase & Protease Studies

Searching for pharmacologically active peptides or the sites of protein-protein interaction may involve analysing myriads of peptide/protein combinations. Peptide Libraries can be a rich source of candidates for a drug development program. For example, a Structure-Activity Relationship (SAR) study on a bioactive peptide fragment can reveal the critical residue(s) for bioactivity, which can then be further “analoged” to obtain more potent leads and peptidomimetics.

  • Protease interaction studies

    Fluorescent Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) is commonly used to investigate protein interactions such as those involving proteases.

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  • Detection of Signal Transduction Protein Binding

    The increased identification of phosphorylation pathways in many biochemical processes has necessitated a demand for the synthesis of phosphorylated peptides for use as substrates. Mimotopes has been at the forefront of developing reliable methods for the synthesis of phophopeptides for use in substrate mapping studies.

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