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Understanding SynPhase Lanterns

SynPhase Lanterns are modular solid substrates that hold discrete quantities of single compound and are optimized for the synthesis of small organic molecules or peptides, as well as extracting contaminants or final products from solution-phase reactions. Their modular design and propensity for tagging makes SynPhase Lanterns adaptable to various synthesis strategies and methodologies.

  • SynPhase Lanterns Overview

    Modular substrates with unique advantages for high-throughput chemistry

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  • Structure and Composition

    SynPhase technology is a two layer system. At the surface is a low cross-linked uniform polymer graft 50 micrometers thick where reactants bind and chemistry takes place. This layer is securely bound to a rigid unreactive base polymer, providing a robust and convenient framework to handle the solid phase.

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  • Operating Parameters

    General information about solvation characteristics, volumes and concentrations, and storage

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  • Loading Capacity

    The nominal loading value for each Lantern series is determined by its size, surface polymer and synthesis application.

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  • Handling Techniques

    SynPhase™ technology is enormously adaptable to a range of applications, from reaction optimizations to large scale library generation. The unique advantages of these modular supports are fully exploited with supporting equipment and techniques.

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