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Applications for Research

The variety of chemistry performed with SynPhase Lanterns continues to grow, as there seems no limit to the techiques that can be applied. The unique Lantern shape has encouraged many laboratories to incorporate SynPhase technology into various reaction vessels and high-throughput systems. SynPhase Lanterns are used in the following applications: * Small molecule combinatorial synthesis * Peptide and peptidomimetic synthesis * Solution phase scavenge and capture chemistry

  • High-throughput combinatorial synthesis

    Combinatorial chemistry is capable of generating vast numbers of individual compounds by exploiting various points of chemical diversity on the pre-cursor.SynPhase Combinatorial offers a choice of tagging strategies to greatly simplifying the task of keeping track and manipulating compounds.

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  • Peptides and Peptidomimetic Synthesis

    For chemists wishing to synthesise their own peptides, SynPhase combinatorial offers a range of Lanterns featuring a low loading polyamide graft. These have been specially optimized to prevent secondary structure formation during chain growth.

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  • Solution Phase Scavenge and Capture Chemistry

    A range of high loading functionalised surfaces are available for scavenging excess reagents from solution, or to facilitate capture and release techniques without any of the messy weighing or filtering processes used with conventional resins.

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