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Custom Peptide Specifications

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Routine Synthetic and Analyical Methods
Supplementary Methods and Options
Documentation and Packaging

Procedures utilised by Mimotopes during all stages of manufacture are rigorous.


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Routine Synthetic and Analyical Methods

Condition or Protocol
Synthesis via mild Fmoc chemistry Well established, safe and reliable method
Computer control and monitoring Ensures accuracy during peptide assembly and purification
Crosschecking sequences in database Identify potential synthetic and solubility issues in advance
Purification via automated preparatory HPLC Enables high-throughput purification processing
Fraction assessment via LC/MS Only the best fractions are selected from the purified peptide
Purity assessment via reverse phase HPLC Purity value is genuine - shoulders are excluded from calculation
Identity confirmation via electrospray MS Non destructive technique to identify the molecular ion



Supplementary Methods and Options

Condition or Protocol Benefits
Use of psuedoprolines Helps break up secondary structure formation where necessary to improve synthesis
Ionpairing HPLC Allows purity determination for highly charged peptides
LC/MS assessment for peptides with unusual chromatographic behaviour Applicable to peptides with particular bond combinations (eg. proline-proline)
Preditop analysis Calculated hydrophobicity value allows useful solubility predictions. Involves small payment prior to ordering peptide
Expert pre-sales advice Guidance with choosing the most appropriate peptide sequence, purity and quantity.
Involves small payment prior to ordering peptide
After-sales support Assistance with solubility issues and use within your applications


Documentation and Packaging

Condition or Protocol Benefits
Certificate of Analysis
(C. of A.)
Includes details of the peptide, the quantity and purity supplied, and helpful information on the solubility of the peptide in the buffers used during purification
Analytical HPLC profile and electrospray MS data Supplementary verification of peptide integrity
Handy technical notes and guidelines Including: ‘A guide to handling peptides’ and ‘Interpreting the results of peptide analysis’
Packaging under dry nitrogen gas
Minimizes oxidation or other types of degradation during shipment and storage

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