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Chemistry Comparison

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Comparison of urea formation on SynPhase Lanterns vs Resin. Enlarge
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Kinetic Performance

SynPhase Lanterns provide yields and purities comparable to commonly used resins such as 100-200 mesh polystyrene resin. The design and shape of the Lantern maximizes surface area and allows free-flow of reagents to deliver high and uniform reaction rates, without the need for agitation.

The data in the figure opposite shows the optimized reaction of a support bound aniline with an isocyanate to form a urea on SynPhase PS Lanterns and two common polystyrene resins.


Transferring Chemistry from Resin

In direct comparisons between polystyrene resin and Lanterns, experimental chemistry protocols have been found to be fully transferable. In addition, kinetics have often proved to be faster on SynPhase Lanterns. The higher and more uniform reaction rates can be attributed to the structure of the surface polymer, which allows better diffusion of the reactive species inside the matrix due to the low level of cross-linking in the grafted layer.

The improvements in reaction kinetics also apply to the kinetics of the washing step. Removal of excess reagents and side-products is very fast and economical. For example, removal of palladium salts (post-Suzuki coupling chemistry) is a straightforward procedure on Lanterns whereas on resin, long and tedious washes are required to ensure complete removal of salts. A range of published chemistries utilizing linkers such as Rink, HMP, BAL and Trityl have been performed with SynPhase Lanterns and published as SynPhase Chemistry Notes*. These syntheses were selected from peer-reviewed literature where the chemistry had been performed on polystyrene resin and led to "structurally interesting", non-peptidic organic compounds of molecular weight <500.

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